Thursday, September 13, 2012

new pieces from this summer

here are the two pieces I just finished. the upper one called 'lady with peach' ,the lower one called 'the way out'.
the first one was executed in the last life painting session during my coop, it was a one week long session, which I enjoyed very much. the whole set up is beautiful, kinda in Manet style(I mean the interior set up, not my painting, but probably there is something i borrowed from Manet in this piece). the model is great, I also tried some new paint borrow from my girlfriend. this painting I like it a lot, although there is lots problems, but I think I've got what I want to catch in this moment(a very long moment).
the second one I did in August, it is for a group show held in Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Toronto. this show is for the coming TIFF in September, I was told to paint something about film, better Asian film. but one problem about this theme is its hard to paint from life, its hard to find or set something up about this topic. and personally I really dont want to copy any photos or even use it as reference. guess I am slowly becoming a realist. so I asked my friend Yin posed for me, and put his little 8mm camera behind, i was going to put something on the wall the fill the empty space. but changed my idea at end. I feel adding too much probably will ruin the spacial and tension in this picture. and that is what i want to tell from this piece, the feeling of lost, empty, and awkward. stuck and seeking for the way out of this situation. the painting turned out OK, it basically represent how far I can go now. lots problems have to fix. Yin is a great model, very patient. now the painting is held on the first floor in the hotel, the spot is ok, right beside the bar. I think I probably wont be able to sell it for that price, but at least I get a piece to apply other shows, and this great experience to exhibit with other artists. I have to thank Micheal who called me after the TOAE, and gave me this opportunity.              

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  1. Good to hear you are alive and well!
    Superb paintings! I love the mood of the 2nd painting. Nicely done!
    Enjoying your 4th year so far?
    Possibly see you around in extra life painting!