Monday, May 28, 2012

the beginning of the co-op summer

these are paintings I did by now, which is the end of the first month in this co-op summer. luckily i got Kathryn for my co-op, I dont think i can get any other better beside this one. but i didnt do as much as I thought, I did roughly 5 paintings, 3 are here, and the other two, one is still wet and one is not finished yet. I did some drawings, not even worth to show. hopefully I can get something done in next month. but honestly this co-op is too relax, and i knew it before i decide to take it. just have to push myself harder i think, very easy to say..  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

last thing I did in last minute

these 4 pieces I did during the open house in Sheridan, they hired models for us to paint and also give school an opportunity to show those visitors what the students are doing in this program( but the reality is the last thing we do here is painting). its lots pressure when painting in front of many people, but I think someday if you are going to paint some public place you have to get use to it right?  

self portait

this piece is for the group assignment by the end of last year, the group topic is 'ritual', which I thought is a little bit too complex and abstract. and the thing is I really dont want to paint something base on photo reference, so i got this idea that i can use photos but not use them as reference but turned them into a part of my still life set up, so I can paint everything in real life. this painting can also be a self-portrait but without my own image in it, sounds tricky isn't it

4 sessions

I did these 2 pieces in Kathryn's class last semester, they were 4 sittings, the longest we can have in painting class. same model same costume different composition. I had lots fun and also hard time when i was doing it. have to say 2 figures are so different from one.   

a special piece

this piece actually is a unfinished piece, I painted it by the end of the first hour during a 3 hours sitting,  there is some part of this painting( not the model) remind me my father. it is so amazing, when you are painting a white model, suddenly you find your painting looks like your dad! so I decide to keep this painting on this stage. I think this is a magic moment for me.

mix media

two pieces did for mix media in class, two sittings for each, kinda fun.

painting did on second year

found two paintings did on second year, one is the still life assignment, the other portrait I worked base on a really poor sketch,  it became very stylized, and look like nobody.